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Family Counseling

A healthy relationship takes time and gentle care for it to thrive.

With the daily difficulties life brings, it is easy to get into arguments and feel stuck in a pattern of attacking and defending each other and feeling distant from your partner.

​You want to feel understood and connected to your partner once again.

 I am here to help you overcome the blocks that are hurting your relationship.

These counseling sessions are designed to help you get out of that pattern of conflict and misunderstanding and rebuild a deeper connection. The primary goal is to build trust and greater levels of communication in order to create strong stable roots that will hold lasting changes in your relationship. 


Lets work together to get you out of the negative cycle and emotional rollercoaster you are in, and get you to a more united and fulfilling relationship.

"I want to connect more deeply with my partner, but it feels like there is a wall between us and we spend a lot of the days either arguing or not talking much at all.

I want to be able to communicate and resolve issues without it turning into an argument; but it seems like all we do is argue and it can be over the smallest things! It is hard to open up and say how I’m really feeling sometimes; I just don’t want to argue anymore. I am tired of feeling alone, and want to feel understood. I want to feel that we are a team and in love like at the beginning of our relationship, but I just don’t know how to get there. " 

Cost per session : $165
*some sliding scale options are available  

Each session is 50 minutes long
Available in-office & Telehealth

Private pay. A Superbill receipt can be provided for insurance reimbursement for those who qualify for out of network benefits. We do accept HSA & FSA cards.

We focus on helping couples who want to...

  • Restore their connection and unity

  • Improve their communication

  • Learn to resolve conflict quickly 

  • Get ready before marriage

  • Want to heal and recover after infidelity

  • Rebuild trust and love

  • Have relationship trauma that needs healing

  • Improve their parenting skills & dynamic

  • Build a greater friendship 

  • Improve their intimacy & romance

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