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Family Counseling

Family relationships can be very challenging at times. You have different personalities, different needs, and different world views all interacting at once.. and sometimes this makes for difficult family dynamics. 

As parents we sometimes feel lost and don't know how to help our children thrive. Let's face it... they do not come with a parenting manual! With young children and adolescents, the goal is to effectively create discipline and rules while maintaining a healthy bond and connection with them. Once children get past the adolescent stage and into young adulthood and beyond, we need to effectively transition the parent-child dynamic into one of mutual respect and admiration, and develop a healthy friendship. 

Let us help you through the parenting struggles of early childhood, improve your relationship with your challenging teenager, or even though the challenges you may be having with your aging parents. 

We work with families of all age groups with children ages 10 and up. Whether it is families with younger children, adolescents, or adult children, we strive to help all families have a healthy, loving, and thriving relationship. 

Reach out for a free consultation to see if family counseling can be for you. 

Family Portrait

Cost per session : varies by therapist. See our about us page for rates. 
*some sliding scale options are available  

Each session is 50 minutes long
Available in-office & Telehealth

Private pay. A Superbill receipt can be provided for insurance reimbursement for those who qualify for out of network benefits. We do accept HSA & FSA cards.

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