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Individual Counseling
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Life throws many surprises at us, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed and lost. You might feel like no one understand what you are going through and it is hard to talk about you are truly feeling with the people you know. On the outside others may think that everything appears to be okay with you but they have no idea what you are hiding on the inside. You are here because you want to feel confident, happy, motivated, and leave the worries and fears behind. 

Therapy is a safe space where you can openly talk about what you are feeling without being judged. 

These counseling sessions are designed for us to work together to get in touch with your thoughts and emotions and start taking the steps that will bring about the positive changes you are looking for. The goal is to guide and help you overcome the struggles that are setting you back from having the life you want.


"I want to get to a place where I wake up and feel peace and joy again. I desire to feel fulfilled and confident with myself and where my life is going. I want a healthy relationship with myself and with the people in my life."

We help individuals wanting to:

  • Manage and reduce anxiety

  • Overcome depression

  • Heal from trauma / PTSD 

  • Process their grief after loosing a loved one

  • Heal past relationship trauma

  • Improve confidence and create a strong self-image

  • Develop healthy boundaries 

  • Develop healthy thinking patters 

  • Get help through a  major life transition 

  • Learn how to make confident decisions 

  • Develop themselves and go to the next level 

Cost per session : $150
*some sliding scale options are available 

Each session is 50 minutes long
Available in-office & Telehealth 

Private pay. A Superbill receipt can be provided for insurance reimbursement for those who qualify for out of network benefits. We do accept HSA & FSA cards.

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