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Faith Based Counseling

We love working with clients of all faith backgrounds as our goal is to help you achieve your personal therapy goals while feeling safe to explore and to engage with your spirituality in order to experience hope, wholeness, and healing.


We believe, as the research suggests, that spirituality is a protective factor that helps individuals of all faith backgrounds build resiliency and hope in the midst of adversity. 

With that said, all of our team here at Roots of Hope share the Christian faith and enjoy including the principles of the Christian faith in the therapy process with anyone who want that as part of their counseling journey. 

As believers in Christ and counseling professionals, we want to provide a safe space where you can receive the mental health and relationship support you need and not be concerned that our guidance will conflict with your beliefs and walk with Christ. 

 Your faith is included within the therapy process only if that is important to you and if it is something you are wanting to include in your counseling journey. Our goal is to give you the best therapy experience and to help you progress towards your goals, whether that includes the principles of the Christian faith or not.

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