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Have Considered Online Therapy?


Why Choose Online Therapy?

Online therapy is confidential, convenient, flexible, and can be completed anywhere that you are; whether you are at home, your office, in your lunch break, or out of town. It is secure and private, and can accommodate for your schedule and life circumstances.


Going out of town last minute? No worries... you won't have to reschedule or miss your appointment. Not able to drive, but have a session scheduled? No problem! Online therapy makes worrying about traffic, weather or missing appointments due to sickness or emergency a thing of the past. 


Online therapy may be especially helpful for clients with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, or couples that have difficult schedules, children to take care of, or are uneasy about counseling. It is great for people that have traveling work schedules or those who are unable to get out much due to an illness. 


What are some Advantages of Online Therapy?

  • It can be hard to find the right therapist in your area. With online therapy, your therapist is available to you wherever you find yourself (so long as it is in the state of Texas). 


  • Online therapy is accessible to people with physical limitations as well as those going through a surgery or illness recovery. You do not need to worry about travel or inconveniences. 


  • With all of the traffic and the distance involved in getting around it can be challenging to find the time to attend counseling in-person. This means no more stress about not getting to the office in time or having to cancel your appointment.


  • No one to take care of your children to come to therapy? It’s ok, you can much more easily arrange to have a private hour for your therapy session and not even have to leave the house. 


What are the Disadvantages of Online Therapy? 

  • Because of the distance, it may be difficult to respond as effectively should a crisis occur. However, we will have a plan set to ensure that we can handle a crisis as best as possible. 


  • Online therapy is not recommended for those with serious psychiatric illness. 


  • Online sessions may sometimes miss non-verbal body language and facial expression that are important parts of communication. 


What happens if there is Technology Issues?

Technology issues are not expected, but can happen. The first step would be to call Joan at 832-380-5851 to help you resolve the issue. If for some reason video session is not working, the session can continue via phone.  


Are video sessions available for anyone? 

We will talk and identify if video session is appropriate for you. There are a few requirements. 1) You must be in the state of Texas, and 2) you must have a reliable way to connect and attend a video session. 


What about privacy?

HIPAA confidentiality requirements apply the same for teletherapy as for face-to-face therapy. Video sessions are done through a HIPPA secure network that maintains confidentiality and privacy. However, as the client, you are responsible for finding a private, quiet location where the sessions may be conducted.



If you still have more questions please feel free to reach out!

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