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Luciana Wallenstein LMFT, LPC

My hope is that you are here because you know your relationships can improve with both yourself and your loved ones. 

My Story


If you are like me, you are searching for a guide to help you illuminate the darkness. In my journey, I learned that finding the right therapeutic match is crucial. The right therapist is the person that combines the experience, the skills, and the instant connection to facilitate your journey of self-discovery - and change - at your own pace. I would like to be that person for you. So let me tell you a little bit about myself:


Born in Brazil, I have dual nationality and am fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. I have lived on three continents and have studied the philosophy of psychology in four cultures and countries (Brazil, Dubai, Mexico, and the United States).


After graduating from a master's program at the University of Houston Clear Lake, I worked with youth, individuals, couples, and families on various challenges such as anxiety, depression, parenting, divorce, relationship, sexual abuse, and others. I am licensed in both professional counseling and marriage/family therapy. In my (limited!) spare time, I love to cook, practice yoga, and walk on the beach.


And now, back to you:  psychology is a rich field filled with differing perspectives and techniques. I am trained in evidence-based techniques (e.g., Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR Therapy, The Gottman Method, and Emotion-Focused Therapy). However, I treat each client as unique and employ a curated mix of traditional and innovative techniques to help lead us to ideal outcomes. Together we will develop an individualized plan with the tools you need to achieve your therapeutic goals.


Are you ready to start?

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